We recently wrapped up work on our sixth strategic plan, CASBO by Design 2.0, the organizational planning discipline that guided us from 2017 into 2020.

The strategic planning process behind CASBO by Design 2.0 provided many opportunities for members to share their talent, time and expertise. The grassroots nature of this planning philosophy carried over to the implementation phase of the plan, and we had the support and participation of more than 20 CASBO members, along with our professional staff, in implementing each plan of action.

We’re so grateful to these CASBO members who volunteered to participate in the strategic planning process these past three years under the facilitation of CASBO Past President Pearl Iizuka. Thank you, everyone, for your commitment to CASBO on this essential project!

The CASBO strategic plan is a living, breathing document that serves as a specific planning road map to guide our association. It sets forth our mission and vision, core beliefs, parameters, objectives, and strategies.

In very concrete ways, strategic planning has helped CASBO envision its future as a vibrant and significant association in support of public education. Having this type of road map has allowed us to remain focused on our unique mission, goals and objectives and to respond effectively to a continually changing environment.

The process has also allowed us to make monumental changes and continue to grow and increase our influence on public school advocacy and policy. Strategic planning and goal setting are a way of life and part of the CASBO culture. Simply put, this is how the association does its work.

We’ll begin work on our next strategic plan in 2021, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on our activities. No matter what form the next iteration takes, we pledge that it will rejuvenate the association and move it to the next level … just as the former plans have done!